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Dog Portrait

Dog Portrait - original custom painting by Vancouver artist Liz Clay | Cici Art Factory

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Capture your furry bundle of joy with a commissioned piece of pet art for your home!  These dog or cat portraits are custom painted from photographs.  I like to include mainly the upper neck and head in the photo and then a neutral background.  Happy to add something little to personalize the piece as well.

Please send an image of your pet via email.  I would need one great head/torso image that shows good detail (ie -if you can get the whites of the eyes that would be helpful!). I'll send images of the painting in progress.  It's shipped only when you're 100% happy with it.  

Please note that this is for one dog per canvas.  If you'd like more than one then lets discuss!

The canvas comes unframed but customers recommend this wood canvas frame from Opus.

Please note: custom orders are not available for painting in November and December.